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Flexible Molds for polyester, RIM, Metals
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For the operation of the molds in most cases it is necessary to use release agents. The release agents are substances applied to the surface of the mold forming usually thin or thicker membrane and allowing
the separation of the object to be reproduced. The release agents should ensure both easy cast removal and protection of the surface of the mold and the product, and the speed and efficiency of production.

In Costas Chronis SA you will find release agents of every category:
• stain removers candles
• semi-permanent release agents (polymers)

for every practical
mold process, molds made from different materials, and replicating objects of any kind:
• acrylic stain removers, etc. thermoplastic (Nylon PC PS, etc.). (Internal) molds
with suffuse (skin moulds).


The silicone rubber used for the manufacture of flexible molds for the production of polyester, polyurethane, cement, plaster, wax, and metal objects by casting (vacuum casting, RIM, etc.).

Costas Chronis SA has a wide variety of Silicone rubbers to suit every need:
• Great flexibility for faithful reproduction of objects in detail (eg, molded fiberglass statues)
• Hard for casting plaster or cement articles
• Resistant to high temperature for casting low melting metals
• Clear to play originals and monitoring the casting
• Adjustable elastic for stamps, etc.

As to how to implement there are rubbers
available for the construction of solid casting molds (block moulds) and for construction of thin (internal) molds with suffuse (skin moulds).