Pultrusion profiles Print

Portable Ladders - Circuit spears
Trays - Cash Boxes - Insulators


Reinforced Plastic Pultrusion profile produced in a variety of sections, eg L, O, H, T, cylindrical, square, round and oval structural hollow sections, bars, etc. and size, and combine a number of advantages such as weight savings, the design flexibility, ease of transport and handling of profile, minimal maintenance, etc.
Pultrusion profiles are currently used:
• the electrical field (ladder uprights, disconnectors spears, stiffeners optic cables, ducts and channels lists, etc.)
• in chemically demanding applications (racks, platforms, small bridges, pipes and pipe support, reinforcement of tanks, etc.)
• Transport (e-rail line shells, beams and plates on flatbed trucks and wagons, handles, etc.)
• the types of recreation (fishing rods, rods for tents, poles for flags, sail whale bone, skeletons kites, etc.) and many other cases.


SMC method is the most appropriate and economical to produce small and medium-sized reinforced plastic objects in large numbers (between 10000-100000
pieces). The group of companies Costas Chronis SA has the required production equipment.