Fiber Reinforcement Print

Steel - Polypropylene - Glass ARG
Application Equipment - Additional


The fiber reinforced cements are already used widely abroad and are increasingly being put into application in our country.

The glass fiber reinforcement of cement applied to a limited extent at present, but with significant growth prospects in the future, mainly for the production of prefabricated elements and objects with thin walls (eg cladding), are Costas Chronis SA subject area (we are also members of the international federation GRCA).

Our range includes:
Glass and fiber production GRC
Special cement for GRC
Equipment application
Add link fiber and cement
Rubber molds
Finished products (panels), etc.

Other categories of fiber reinforced cement we offer:
Insulating Cement
Improvers cement
Thermoplastic reinforcement fiber (PP PVA)
Fiber Glass ARG (Alkali Resistant Glass), etc.