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The coating of plastics, cement, wood, brick, metal etc. surfaces (eg walls, columns, beams) with reinforced or non-polymers is often the best solution to many constructing problems e.g. when we seek:
• Sealing - humidity removal, restriction of fungal growth
• Chemical protection - develop chemical resistance (against acids, alkalis, solvents, etc.) that the usual materials do not have
• Mechanical support (eg for repairing damage caused by earthquake or preventive static support)
• Repair - to improve the appearance of the surface

as well as more specialized cases such as:
• antiosmosis protection
• developing a growing fire resistance with expanding (intumescent) paints
• achieving an anti-slip surface etc.

In Costas Chronis SA you will find the most appropriate solution for most of these problems, partly because we have:
• Fiberglass repair kit (Renic Repair Kit)
• Layers of insulation and sealing
• Repairing - supporting systems
• Film and snow layers (antiskid)
• Systems antiosmosis
• Varnishes etc.
• Fungicide sprays and paints etc. STERIFLON