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The plastic sheets are sometimes raw material incorporated into a final product (eg GRP sheets used for producing panels) and sometimes an auxiliary material and / or supplies of the production process (eg melinex sheets that act as release agents in processes open mold, sheets of thermoplastic polypropylene, etc. for vacuum bagging, etc.).

In Costas Chronis SA you will find specific types of sheets as
• Acrylic sheets for thermoforming
sheets in various thicknesses and lay-outs
• stain removers
sheets Melinex, Mylar, Hostaphan
• Sheets for vacuum bagging, etc.


Technical textiles provide solutions for many problems of strengthening, insulation and protection. The high-strength fibers that are mostly used, in conjunction with the weaving method, make textiles suitable for use in specialized applications such as anti-ballistic protection, parachutes etc.

Costas Chronis SA you will find a range of:
• Refractory
• Insulation
• anti-ballistic
• decorations etc.

technical textiles for specific uses, as well:
• Geotextiles / geogrids
• Fabrics for Inflatable and waterproof various types.