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Yarn - Felt - Mesh
Glass - Kevlar - Carbon


Two of the major advantages of rigid plastics are:

  • The major achievement of reduced prices (per unit weight) and strength
  • The orientation of the strength of those addresses where they are needed (anisotropy).

The strength in the reinforced plastic give the fibers of reinforcement embedded in the reinforced plastics in the form of yarns, fabrics, mesh, etc. These resins simply spread the tension between the fibers and protect the weapons from environmental assault. The most common reinforcement material of plastic are the fibers of glass, but there are also other materials that have been developed such as Kevlar (aramid) and Carbon that can be applied to specific, high-end constructions.

ur range includes any type of core materials, both general and special use, giving you a choice of tailor-made solutions for each application.
Costas Chronis SA we offer reinforcements of every composition:

  • Glass (E-glass, C-glass, ARG-glass, etc.)
  • Aramid fibers (Kevlar),
  • Carbon (Carbon), etc.

and all forms:

  • Felt (Chopped Strand Mat)
  • Mesh (Woven Roving)
  • Combined
  • Wipes chemically resistant, heat resistant, conductive
  • Yarn
  • Chopped fibers
  • Headbands
  • Platelets (Glass Flakes)
  • Balls
  • Milled fibres
  • 3D Fabrics etc.


Sandwich technology is increasingly widespread application in modern construction because it allows the production of objects that combine high rigidity to weight saving and economy in raw materials and labor. The sandwich
type constructions are composed of a lightweight core and exterior sheathing, constructed of reinforced plastic. Sandwich Cores are available in a wide variety, both in material production and in form (solid core, foam, honeycomb, etc.) and how to apply.

Costas Chronis SA has both the variety of materials and knowledge to offer you what kernels match the rest of materials, productive application conditions and requirements of your project:

  • Lightwood Balsa
  • PVC Foam
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • U-PICA core mat
  • Honeycomb core sandwich (Honeycomb)
  • Thermoplastic nuclei
  • Phenolic foam - unburned cores etc.