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In the struggle to increase productivity and reduce cost, the use of machines that automate and accelerate the production gives the advantage. The importance of equipment will increase, as will rising labor costs (approaching the level of the rest of Europe) and both are intensifying demands for stable and reliable quality of finished products.
In Costas Chronis SA Thanks to many years our engagement with the productive processes in the field of composites, we have choices and suggestions machines, combining production efficiency with the simplicity and affordability, and fully supported by service and parts:
• Machinery spray polyester gel coat
• Machinery spray fiber reinforced cement
• Cutters fiberglass polyester foam machines
• Machinery Polyurethane Foam
• Machinery and equipment RTM
• Cameras SMC
• Robots for finishing etc.


In addition to the machines will find a wide variety of tools (note that the installer needs) such as:
• Paint brushes twin double
• Rolls watering (Mohair)
• Roller press (metal or teflon) fin paddle angles etc.
• Spatulas
• Proektamata
• Beakers catalyst
• sanding, etc.

as well:
• Hand Guns
• Jigsaws
• Various air tools, etc.

and auxiliary materials - protective equipment:
• Gloves
• Barrier creams and cleaning
• bib etc.